Atmosphere Of The Town

Cianciana is a magical place full of legend, sacred sites and miles of unspoilt landscapes.
The house is perfect for family and friends, soul friends, week or weeks breaks and those on a group spiritual retreat. It is available all year round and it's wonderful whatever the season especially for the deep blue Cianciana sky and warmer weather from the Mediterranean Sea. 
You'll have a wonderful, enchanting time, healing and relaxing, watching the sunrise and sunset in the clear air - live the dream!
PS: If you want a full on retreat we can remove the Radio/CD Player from temptation, so please let us know.

Spiritual Retreat


Francestina comments: "You may be wondering why I call this a spiritual retreat? Well, I don't know what it is about this place . . . when you get home you feel enlightened, innovative and even as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
The water is volcanic, the air is clean, the food is fresh, the area is dowsed in crystals with healing properties as it's a volcanic area..
In all the years I have visited this town I have never met anyone who would disagree with my views on Cianciana.  
A lot of visitors find they are able to write freely, paint, sculpt, and are generally inspired. Some come here to find solice, relax and de-stress with lasting effects.
I am sure you will love the culture and atmosphere of the town and enjoy your stay as much as I do."