A Splendid Pearl

Embraced by fields that change fragrance and colours according to season, resting upon a rise which dominates the surrounding landscape and overlooking the neighbouring sea of wonderful Eraclea Minoa beach, Cianciana is a splendid pearl mounted in the valley of the Plantani River. Greeks, Romans, Arabs among other have inhabited this land, leaving behind evidence of their passage.

Today CIanciana is a small agricultural centre of the Agrigento district with a population of 3,700 inhabitants. The town is embellished by ancient churches and elegant buildings, while the Platani River together with natural caves, mines and the typical springs know as maccalube characterize the rural territory.

The jovial and hospitable nature of the ciancianesi people lights up during holidays and town festivals that occur throughout the year. During the course of time, the people of Cianciana have managed to keep alive their ancient cultural traditions sheltering jealous memory of the songs, the figures of speech and the traditional cooking recipes.

A trip to Cianciana is the best way to make contact with unpolluted nature and, at the same time, admire small artistic and architectonic jewels while tasting local specialities. Get acquainted with the beauties of a place that will fascinate you with it’s outstanding landscapes and the native cordiality of its people.

What's In Town?

Cianciana has all the usual amenities of a small town, 2 banks, doctors, a supermarket (which for its size stocks about everything in Sicily!), florist, 3 butchers, a fishmongers, a bakery on every street, small grocery shops selling the freshest of veggies and fruit (I've lost count), hairdressers, weekly Wednesday morning market, post office, library, museum, 3 Churches, entertainment, open air bar, lots of little bars and cafes, 3 pizzerias and a traditional Sicilian restaurant.

I hope you would never need it but there is a helicopter service, police station and there are so many plumbers and builders merchants you really have got everything there even a kitchen sink should you ever need one!

Parking outside the house and car hire is an advantageous optional during you stay in Sicily, although there is a very efficiently operated bus service which links all major towns and airports.

















Atmosphere Of The Town

Cianciana is a magical place full of legend, sacred sites and miles of unspoilt landscapes.
The house is perfect for family and friends, soul friends, week or weeks breaks and those on a group spiritual retreat. It is available all year round and it's wonderful whatever the season especially for the deep blue Cianciana sky and warmer weather from the Mediterranean Sea. 
You'll have a wonderful, enchanting time, healing and relaxing, watching the sunrise and sunset in the clear air - live the dream!
PS: If you want a full on retreat we can remove the Radio/CD Player from temptation, so please let us know.

Local Life


You will never be turned away if you would like to assist with the local grape or olive harvest which takes place with such gusto. For all your efforts, you will be rewarded with the most purest olive oil you will have ever taste or a few bottles of the local wine - you just cannot say no!


Real Sicilian Life


This is real Sicily where life goes on as it has done for years, with its endless array of festivals and celebrations you will be be-dazzled by its charms and history.



Oh . . . . and I almost forgot the most important thing, the people, the Ciancianisi are truly lovely people who embrace you with their passion for life, food and culture at every given opportunity, so you will always make a long list of acquaintances no matter how long you stay!

Spiritual Retreat


Francestina comments: "You may be wondering why I call this a spiritual retreat? Well, I don't know what it is about this place . . . when you get home you feel enlightened, innovative and even as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
The water is volcanic, the air is clean, the food is fresh, the area is dowsed in crystals with healing properties as it's a volcanic area..
In all the years I have visited this town I have never met anyone who would disagree with my views on Cianciana.  
A lot of visitors find they are able to write freely, paint, sculpt, and are generally inspired. Some come here to find solice, relax and de-stress with lasting effects.
I am sure you will love the culture and atmosphere of the town and enjoy your stay as much as I do." 









" ... we are travellers in the wilderness of this world, the best we can find on our travels is an honest friend."

Book by calling Francestina on 01205 290952 UK +441205 290952 International or email fran@chocolatefairycatering.co.uk

The Coast 

A 30 minute drive winding through olive and almond trees, orange groves and rocky mountains gets you to Ericlea Minoa's beach and beautiful sea which you can see from Ciancianaa

Museo Civico  

Museo Civico


CIanciana's natural resources offer the possibility to carry out numerous open air activities. The Platani River valley is the ideal setting for trekking to name just one.

Rock Salt Mines

CIanciana is known since ancient times for the presence of rock salt mines. There is official notice of the CIanciana salt mine back in February 1361. The location of the Cianciana salt mine is described for the first time on the bill of sale of the Misilcassino feud, presently inside the Ribera territory.

Monte Cavallo Caves

On Mount Cavallo, centre of an old feud and today outfitted woodland, are found some coves of significat archaeological and naturalistic interest. They have been explored by speleologists and divers who have brought to surface bone and pottery findings from the Neolothic age.

Bird Watching

The Platani River valley is  a nesting ground for numerous species of birds that can be observed throughout the year. Precisely for this reason the observation of bird behaviour is very much diffuessed in this area. It is a very nice and instructive activity that can be practised by all.


Conad Supermarket

Open Monday to Saturday 7 til 1 then 4 till 8 closed Wednesday afternoons ......fresh bread deli counter and ample fresh and ambiant produce

Cianciana Festivities

As is the case for many rural centres of the island, Cianciana continues with the tradition of re-proposing ancient festivities that have set the beat of time for its inhabitant, reinforcing their sense of bbelonging to the community. Following is a list of the main festivities religious and non religious, that take place in town throughout the course of the entire year:
March 19: St Joseph Day (Festa di San Giuseppe)
Easter: Passion Week (Settimana Santa)
June 13: St Anthony of Padua Day (Festa di S. Antonio da Padova)
July 31: Harvest Festival (La Sagra del Raccolto)
August: Hadicraft Festival; Cianciana Summer
August 15: Assumption Day
December 13: St Lucy Day (Santa Lucia)


It will take approximately 2 hours to reach this historic city in Southern Italy, the capital of both the autonomous region of Sicily and the Province of Palermo. The city is noted for its rich history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout much of its existence; it is over 2,700 years old. Palermo is located in the northwest of the island of Sicily, right by the Gulf of Palermo in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Only a 40 minute drive gets you to the Valley of the Temples, alternatively there are buses there and back approximately 4 times a day. This city is on the southern coast of Sicily, Italy, and capital of the province of Agrigento. It is renowned as the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas (also known as Acragas (Ἀκράγας) in Greek, Agrigentum in Latin and Kerkent in Arabic), one of the leading cities of Magna Graecia during the golden age of Ancient Greece.


All Sicilian towns have various Christmas or winter festivities depending on each town's tradition. Albeit it cooler and sleepy it is still a great season to visit and explore


Cianciana borders with municipalities Alessandria della Rocca, Bivona, Cattolica Eraclea, Ribera, Sant'Angelo Muxaro

Cianciana Links

Mount Etna
Mount Etna (Latin: Aetna, Sicilian: Mungibeddu or 'a Muntagna) is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy, close to Messina and Catania. It lies above the convergent plate margin between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate. It is the tallest active volcano on the European continent
Catacombs at Palermo
The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo (also Catacombe dei Cappuccini or Catacombs of the Capuchins) are burial catacombs in Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy. Today they provide a somewhat macabre tourist attraction as well as an extraordinary historical record.



" . . . there is something about that little town that is warm and fuzzy, it is breath taking, to be around the mountains and the sea." Fran Reams


" . . . our accommodation was deliberately rustic, after a good sleep in the comfy double bed we threw open the shutters and were delighted to feel the warmth of the sunshine and have such a stunning view of the mountains. Most days were spent at the beautiful beach at Eraclea Minoa. A Greek theatre to explore right on the beach too! The locals were warm and friendly, even those who did not speak English. The kitchen was well stocked at Fran's place. All that fresh air and good food gave us the best night's sleep in a long while. We even managed a day trip to Mount Etna - fantastic! How I wish we were still there . . .

Ros Mallard


Places of Interest



S. Angelo Muxaro (AG)


Tholos tombs dug into rock



Eraclea Minao (AG)


Among the numerous ruins is a beautiful Greek Theatre dating back to the second half of the IV century B.C. and of course the beach!





A wonderful seaside resort. Enjoy a crystal clear sea, thermal baths and hand crafted ceramics.



Valle Dei Templu Di Agrigento


Doric temples from the end of the IV Century B.C. The historical centre and the Cathedral are two stops that can not be missed by those that wish to visit the nicest sites in town.    



Selinunte (TP)


Selinunte is the westernmost Greek colony in Sicily and was founded VII Century B.C. Ruins and temples can be admired next to which emerges plenty of evidence relating to the period of the Punic occupation which the city sustained starting from the V Century B.C.



Sigesta (TP)

Alymian city of hellenizing customs as is testified by the temple from the V Century B.C. with its 36 non-fluted Doric Columns, preserved within the grounds of the archaeological park which also houses the theater of Hellenistic period.



Erice (TP)


The Municipal Museum has on display some interesting material orignating from various historical periods.  Also worth a visit is the Mother Church, dated around 1300 A.D.



Piazza Armerina (EN)


In Piazza Armerina is Villa del Casale a building of the late Roman period inside which are some precious mosaics including one entitled The Big Hunt which is 66,93 m in length and 5m in width.



Taormina (ME)


A tourist resort par excellence, besides the fine palaces and the characteristic streets filled with stores always overflowing with tourists, Taormina is well known for it's magnificent Graeco Roman Theatre.